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Teen filmmaker attracts Logitech's focus

Amateur filmmaker's popular 75-second clip may be behind run on Logitech Webcams at

Sales of Logitech cameras appear to be climbing, at least at, in the wake of enormous attention paid to a video clip by a 17-year-old girl.

"Breakup," a 75-second clip that appeared on video-upload site a week ago, has logged more than 210,000 page views. The video is no "Citizen Kane." Bowiechick, the filmmaker's YouTube username, does little more than discuss a recent breakup with her boyfriend. But as the self-described video blogger speaks, so that she looks like she's wearing Clark Kent glasses, or has strapped on a gas mask, or has transformed into a cat.

After Bowiechick posted a second video, it was revealed that she shoots her clips with Logitech's Quickcam Orbit MP, which retails for about $100.

Photos: Web cam effects

Two Logitech Webcams were among Amazon's 100 best-selling electronics items on Friday, according to Amazon spokeswoman Stephanie Mantello. On Monday, a week after "Breakup" first appeared on YouTube, two more of the company's cameras broke into the top 100, including the Quickcam Pro 5000.

The Quickcam Fusion, which sells for $85.49 on Amazon, was ranked No. 95 on Friday but by Monday had jumped to No. 38. The Quickcam Pro 5000 hit No. 97 on Monday afternoon and within hours rose to No. 67.

"Maybe we don't have to do any more advertising," joked Nancy Morrison, Logitech's director of corporate communications.

Morrison said both the Quickcam Pro 5000 ($69.99 at Amazon) and the Fusion are equipped with Logitech's Visual Effects software, which allows a user to choose from dozens of avatars, or animated images, to alter their on-screen appearances. "Breakup" fans who posted comments to Bowiechick's videos clamored for more information about the effects.

It's unclear how much of an effect "Breakup" had on sales, however. Amazon said that the site's constant flow of discounts and promotions could have fueled sales.

Morrison said that the company hasn't seen any conclusive proof that "Breakup" has led to a run on Logitech Web cams.

Nonetheless, after reviewing "Breakup" and another video, where Bowiechick demonstrated Logitech's avatar effects, Morrison, said the company would like to know more about the budding filmmaker. Morrison also denied rumors spreading on YouTube that the company put Bowiechick up to producing the videos.

"We've had no contact with her," Morrison said. "We would love to speak with her to learn more about how she's using the camera. But only if she wants to talk to us. We're not looking to exploit her."