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Teen falls to his death while taking an extreme selfie, report says

Technically Incorrect: In Russia, a so-called daredevil teen tries to take a picture while hanging from a rope off the side of a building. The rope snaps.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

Andrey Retrovsky's Instagram photos were loved by some. Drewsssik/Instagram screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

You shouldn't do these things, because something just might go wrong.

This thought-process won't work, of course, with those who are hell-bent on pursuing extremely risky feats.

Seventeen-year-old Andrey Retrovsky from Vologda, Russia, had gained some notoriety -- at least on Instagram -- for his selfies.

Strictly speaking, some were images of him that looked like they were taken by someone else. The effect, though, was to show his daredevil spirit. Many were of him on rooftops or other dangerously high places.

Sadly, as the International Business Times reports, his latest idea was to hang from a roof by a rope, thereby pretending he was falling. But the rope reportedly snapped and he fell from the 9-story building to his death.

Some estimates suggest that more people have been killed by selfies than by sharks in 2015. But of course it isn't the selfie that kills, it's the person who takes risks while taking one.

The Russian government has become particularly sensitive to the problem. Earlier this year, it issued a selfie-taking guide that specifically warned people not to try to take selfies in dangerous places, such as on top of trains (another popular location for daredevils.)

The deaths, though, keep on coming. Not all involve even hints of danger. A couple of weeks ago, a man died at the Taj Mahal trying to take a selfie. He reportedly fell down steps.

However, as some on Andrey R's Instagram feed have pointed out, what about the person who was his likely partner in these escapades? How must that person feel now?

That it wasn't worth it, one imagines, or at least hopes.