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Teen dies after trying to stop iPhone thief

A 15-year-old jumps on the car of a man who stole her iPhone. She falls and dies of her injuries.


In the case of robbery, there's always an impulse to fight back. It should always be resisted.

Last Thursday, according to police in Santa Ana, Calif., 15-year-old Rubi Rubio was walking her 7-year-old sister home from school when a man stepped up and asked her for the time.

When Rubio took out her iPhone, the man grabbed it and ran to a waiting car.

Rubio chased him and jumped onto the trunk of the car as it drove away. As the Orange County Register reports, police say the car swerved to shake her off.

She fell and hit her head on the road. She died two days later of her injuries. She had received the iPhone from her mom only a week previously.

iPhone theft has, in many cities, become one of the main types of stealing. Last year, iPhones were involved in 14 percent of all crimes in New York.

Recently, though, Apple's introduction of Activation Lock is said to have significantly reduced iPhone thefts. The feature requires a user's Apple ID and password before they can turn off the phone's location tracking or reactivate a locked phone.

Though instinct is to immediately react when one's possessions are stolen, sadly, in this case, it has led to the worst eventuality.

Santa Ana Unified School District, where Rubio was a student, told the Register: "We have contacted our parent community about the robbery, and we have encouraged them to talk with their children about being safe and how to respond if they ever happened to find themselves in such a terrible situation."