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TechnoSensual expo tries on far-out future fashion

Think you have the moxie to pull off a dress with 62 embedded flashing LED lights? Take a look at the some of the hottest haute tech couture of tomorrow.

Not for the bashful: The "Paparazzi Lover" dress puts the attention squarely on you with 62 embedded flashing LED lights.
Copyright Ricardo O'Nascimento; photo by Peter Grillmair

It's 2020 and you've a party to go to. What do you wear? If the techno-garments on display at the TechnoSensual exhibition in Vienna are any indication, you might strap on some backbreakingly high 3D-printed shoes and a dress that lights up when you blush, and top it all off with a feathered hat that reacts to medium-wave radio signals. (Or you could just go in jeans and your usual "I heart R2-D2" T-shirt, but what fun would that be?)

TechnoSensual -- which runs through September 2 at the MuseumsQuartier Wien art and culture center -- features a dazzling array of electronic textiles and wearable technologies from international futurists and haute tech couture designers.

Their smart clothes come equipped with electronic components like sensors, projectors, speakers, and LEDs, and often interact with the wearer or the environment by lighting up, or sounding off, according to biological or external stimuli.

Ready for zippers that work like fader controls used in DJ mixers? Dresses made of artificial skin complete with pulsating veins? Click to our gallery and see what your future closet might look like.