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Technically Literate

Original works of short fiction with unique perspectives on technology, published exclusively on CNET.com


What's a short story at a time when a text or tweet makes up most of our daily reading? We think it's a quick ride for your imagination. It's a ride conceived by great fiction writers who take you to places and put you in situations you might not imagine on your own.

And because we're CNET, we wanted to offer up great short stories, with a tech twist.Tech is part of everything we do. What was fiction is now reality, thanks to the dreamers who thought of new ways to improve our world.

But not all dreamers are the entrepreneurs and engineers who built Silicon Valley. We wanted to know what worlds other dreamers -- writers -- might create if we gave them the chance. And we invited them to tell us their stories of tech, using fiction as their toolbox.Technically Literate is a celebration of original short fiction, with that tech twist. We've asked fiction writers, some well-known, some up-and-coming, to paint a word picture showing how they use, relate to or even fear tech. Each month, you'll find a new short story, accompanied by original illustrations.CNET's goal, as always, is to inform and entertain our readers, one story at a time. Happy reading.