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Tech problems due to Mercury in retrograde?

Problems with technology could be random. Or, they could be because of Mercury in retrograde

When Yahoo Messenger went down Wednesday, it might have just been one of those little technology glitches that happen from time to time.

And when some people started having problems with Gmail Thursday, well, it probably was because of some small gremlin in Google's hamster wheel.

Same with my friend's company's corporate e-mail going down the last couple of days--all easily explainable.

Except, maybe there's a single unifying explanation. Maybe it's because of Mercury in retrograde.

I know. Roll your eyes all you want. But the phenomenon--an optical illusion in which Mercury, from our earthly perspective, seems to alter its usual path across the sky to go east to west, or backward, for a time--is thought by many to be directly responsible for all kinds of technological problems and snafus.

And guess what? Mercury is in retrograde right now, as we speak.

So when your e-mail goes down, or your TV goes on the fritz, or your TiVo stops working in the days leading up to July 10, when Mercury comes out of retrograde, think about whose tech support you should be calling.