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6 eye-opening facts about tech moguls and their homes

How do the rich and techy live? Research from real estate site Trulia gives you a glimpse.

Bill Gates has 20 bathrooms in his house.
Ida Mae Astute, ABC via Getty Images

Owning property remains one of the surest signs of wealth. And just in case you forgot that tech industry giants like Bill Gates are rich beyond comprehension, real estate site Trulia has done some research and compiled some facts about how tech money manifests itself in good old-fashioned land holdings.

From bathrooms to funeral homes, it's all about finding a spot to call your own. Or in Larry Ellison's case, 17 spots to call your own.

Be warned, if you're crammed into a one-bedroom apartment with a cat and a moody roommate, reading this might hurt.

Bill Gates has 20 bathrooms

According to Trulia, the Microsoft founder's 50,000-plus-square-foot house in Medina, Washington, has a whopping 20 bathrooms. And I still have nightmares about sharing 1 bathroom with three stunningly messy girls in college.

Sean Parker has two town houses in New York City

Maybe he's worried about misplacing one? Parker bought the pair in 2016 for more than $35 million. But if he ever gets tired of the hustle and bustle of New York, he can always hop a plane out West, where he also owns talk show host Ellen DeGeneres' former Los Angeles abode.

Larry Ellison owns more real estate than Sean Parker

In fact, Trulia found that the Oracle CEO owns at least 17 properties, which is perhaps unsurprising given he's one of richest people in the world. Ellison has owned houses in Nevada, California and Rhode Island, to name a few. He even bought an island.

Elon Musk outspent everyone this year

Tesla and SpaceX founder Musk, No. 34 on the Forbes 400 list, shelled out $24.2 million for a house in Los Angeles, says Trulia, the most expensive home purchase this year. Will he soon have a vacation place on Mars?

Evan Spiegel lives in Harrison Ford's old house

The Snapchat founder, who is the youngest billionaire on the Forbes 400 list, is out in Malibu these days, in a 2,842-square-foot home that once belonged to Han Solo. Wonder if there's a guest house for Chewbacca.

Marissa Mayer owns a funeral home

In 2013, Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, bought a Palo Alto funeral home for $11.2 million. Not quite a Hawaiian island, but hey, maybe it's peaceful in its own way.