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Tech giants embrace wireless but face hurdles

As analysts see hurdles ahead for wireless e-tail adoption, Hewlett-Packard, Ericsson and Motorola move along with major plans for new ventures targeting the growing market for wireless data exchange.


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Although analysts see challenges ahead for wireless e-tail adoption, that's not stopping Hewlett-Packard, Ericsson and Motorola from investing heavily in new opportunities for wireless data exchange.

"People aren't going to start buying like fiends just because they can do it from the subway."

- Forrester Research analyst Amanda McCarthy


Analysts see wireless e-tail adoption hurdles
Despite major online companies rushing to embrace wireless technology, the intersection of e-business and wireless services is still largely under construction.

Ericsson plans PDAs, more collaboration
With a projected boom in wireless Internet access looming, the cell-phone giant plans a move into the market for personal digital assistants and Internet appliances.

HP e-services centers target borderless, wireless world
Hewlett-Packard will open 20 "e-services bazaars" to help other companies build new wireless services and in the process help proliferate HP's technology.

Motorola inks Bluetooth deals with IBM, Toshiba
update The cell-phone maker unveils its first products based on the emerging short-range wireless standard and signs development deals with the computer makers.