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Teacher suspended after stolen nude pics appear online

After nude photos from her phone are posted to a revenge porn site, a teacher at an Ohio Christian school says her iPhone was stolen. Her school suspends her.

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An image from the school's home page. Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

People take nude pictures.

There are many reasons for this, only some in the area of titillation.

One teacher at an Ohio school, however, seems to have been made an example of solely because her nude pictures fell into the wrong hands.

The unnamed teacher was suspended by the Cincinnati Christian Hills Academy because her private nude photos appeared in a difficult place.

As WCPO-TV reports, the teacher reported her iPhone 4S stolen the day after the photos were seen on a revenge porn site. For those who might have missed this phenomenon, a revenge porn site is used by men to post nude images of their exes -- exes with whom they have fallen out or have some other beef against.

Someone at the school quickly got wind. The school, however, seems to accept that it was not the teacher's fault that the photos appeared where they did.

Jennifer Murphy, a spokeswoman for the school, told WCPO: "A photo was compromised and digitally released." She added: "By compromised, I do mean were made available without her knowledge or consent."

However, the school decided the best idea was to suspend a woman who presumably was already upset that her private photo had been made public.

Murphy expanded the school's thinking to USA Today: "We don't know the intent as to how it was provided. Our goal at this time is to inform faculty and staff and make sure we have minimal disruptions. We are a Christian school and a Christ-centered environment. We don't want to compromise the learning environment for our children."

How might the children's learning environment be compromised?

A parent at the school suggested to WCPO that this was a moral matter: "The woman is already a victim. But this being a Christian school, parents are upset that a teacher is even taking naked pictures and sending them to people -- and...her students are old enough to get online and Google their teacher's name and the photos come up."

The lesson to the children might seem strange: If someone steals your personal things and they are made public, we'll blame you if we don't like what we see.

The school might have chosen to teach children that stealing in order to hurt someone is a very bad thing.

Instead, the conclusion seems to be that the teacher is condemned for her apparently private behavior, despite the public appearance of it being no fault of her own.

The appearance, in fact, is that her supposed transgression by taking such a picture was greater than the apparently criminal transgression. Her private "sin" of nudity is bigger than the public sin of theft.

Clearly there are details still to emerge. The school says it is respecting the privacy of all involved.

The teacher is married and neither she nor her husband say they know how the photos became public.