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Teacher has special handshake for each kid, to internet's delight

An English teacher with personalized handshakes for each and every student wins the internet with a heart-warming video.

In an era of controversy and political turmoil, people still want to embrace positive news. A sweet story about a fifth-grade English teacher in Charlotte, North Carolina, has turned into an internet phenomenon thanks to its energetic mixture of enthusiasm, dedication and fun.

ABC News initially shared the story about Barry White Jr., a teacher at Ashley Park elementary school with a specialized handshake for each student. None are the same and he remembers them all, delivering the handshakes with verve as the kids walk into class in the morning. Good Morning America shared the story on its Facebook page and it now has nearly 100 million views.

The handshakes vary from a simple salute to elaborate creations mixed with dance moves. White told ABC it's not too hard to remember all the movements, saying it's down to muscle memory.

The Good Morning America post has also attracted nearly 2 million shares and over 100,000 comments.

One of the top Facebook comments comes from Billie Jo Shellenberger Keller: "Although that looks like a few minutes of goofing around, things like this are really crucial, especially to this age group. Giving each of them a few seconds to feel important inevitably helps him to gain their respect and trust. Kudos to this teacher. If he puts this much commitment into his daily greeting, I can't imagine how much he puts into his lessons!"

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