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Teach your iPhone five cool TiVo tricks

Here's how to use your iPhone as a spare TiVo remote, an on-the-run recording scheduler, a photo album for your TV, and more. All you need are a few free and inexpensive apps.

i.TV can set up TiVo recordings on the run.

TiVo and iPhone, the gadget superpowers of home and pocket. Don't you think it's time they joined forces?

As it happens, your iPhone can perform all kinds of nifty TiVo tricks. Here are my five favorites:

  • i.TV Forgot to set your TiVo to record the big game/new show/classic "Simpsons" episode? No problem. Just find the listing in i.TV's guide and tap the TiVo icon. You can even choose which TiVo to use (if you have more than one) and tweak the recording settings. Hard to believe this handy app is a freebie.
  • Kwiry An SMS alternative to i.TV, Kwiry lets you program your TiVo via text message. After creating a free account, just text "Tivo 30 Rock" (or whatever) to Kwiry and presto: your unit records the next scheduled episode. Perfect if you're in a hurry.
  • DVRPics This 99-cent app lets you view your iPhone photos on your TV (by way of your TiVo). Thankfully, a forthcoming update will enable slideshows instead of just one-at-a-time viewing.
  • DVR Remote Much like the Windows Media Center-specific Mediamote app, DVR Remote turns your iPhone into a TiVo remote (great if you need a spare or your regular remote goes missing). It also features a Now Playing list, a keyboard for easy searches, a Favorites list, and an editable button layout. Well worth $2.99, IMHO.
  • DVR Shows Want to know what's on your TiVo without turning on your TV? DVR Shows lists recorded shows alphabetically or by date. Not earth-shattering, but handy. It costs 99 cents.

Know of any other TiVo tricks you can perform on your iPhone? Tell us about 'em in the comments!