Targus Zip-Thru laptop case to make travelers, TSA happy

New laptop case gets travelers through security without having to remove your notebook from the case

If you fly enough, you probably have a full routine for getting through security as fast as possible. I for one have given up on belts, coats, shoes with laces, and the hope that I'll ever remember at 6 a.m. where I've put all my "fluids." The only thing that continues to gum things up is my laptop, since the Transportation Security Administration requires screeners to get a clear image of the laptop when it goes down the belt. This means that along with making sure no one walks off with my shoes (true story, and yes I got them back), I have to pay attention to where my notebook is and getting back in its case. This new case from Targus, however, should help smooth the process out a bit.

Targus Group

The Zip-Thru 15.4-inch Corporate Traveler laptop case splits wide open, allowing a full top-down view of the laptop as it's scanned, so there's no need to unpack and repack. Targus consulted with the TSA on the design, so we'd guess they're on board with the whole thing. Also, it's one of the lightest laptop cases around at only 3.74 pounds and uses the company's patented SafePort air cushion system for protection.

The 15.4-inch model is the first--I'd like to see 13- and 17-inch versions please and thank you--in Targus' line of checkpoint-friendly laptop cases. I'll have to get one to try it myself (MSRP is $99.99), but TSA consultation aside, I bet they still make me take the laptop out of the case and put it in a frackin' bin.

Mobile Edge just came out with a similar line of checkpoint-friendly laptop cases, which come in briefcase, backpack, and messenger-bag styles.