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Target tests electronics 'recycling' program

Retailer has been offering discounted pre-owned TVs, video players, game consoles, and iPods on its Web site since last month.

Way down at the bottom of the electronics section on is something you'd miss if you weren't looking for it: a tab called "Pre-owned Electronics."

iPod Video
Target is selling this pre-owned 80GB iPod Video for $200, down from the $319 it would charge for a new one.

The retailer has been testing out selling some gadgets on its Web site only that have been returned to stores for the past month, but the company finally called attention to the experiment during its quarterly earnings call Tuesday, as Reuters reported.

So far Target is reselling used Nintendo GameCube systems, a variety of Toshiba high-definition TVs, a JVC video camera, and original iPods, as well as iPod Nanos, Videos, Minis, and Shuffles. The site says each item has been inspected and refurbished by a third-party that's either been approved by the manufacturer or is managed by Target itself.

And Target says the same 90-day return policy it gives on new gadgets still applies here.