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Tardis soda machine: Matt Smith is Sprite

A comic book store puts a unique soda machine into service, serving up cold carbonated cans of cola from the inside of a Tardis.

Tardis soda machine
Quench your thirst with a Tardis.
Epic Comics

Comic books and soda seem to go together pretty well. That's why Epic Comics has a soda-dispensing machine. But it's not just any soda machine, it's a Tardis. I'm assuming, in this case, T.A.R.D.I.S. stands for "Time And Relative Dimensions In Soda."

The Orlando, Fla., comic book store admits it hasn't tried to use the soda Tardis to travel back in time to bring back Crystal Pepsi or Surge, but it is allowing its fans to vote on what the machine will hold. The current lineup includes five different carbonated drinks, each with a different "Doctor Who" actor assigned to it.

A particularly crazy-eyed photo of Tom Baker goes with the Mountain Dew button. David Tennant is assigned to Pepsi. Christopher Eccleston gets regular Coca-Cola. Paul McGann gets Diet Coke, and Matt Smith, the latest Doctor, is Sprite. There is an obvious oversight to the collection: no Dr. Pepper.

Let's analyze these soda assignments. I can see Baker going with Mountain Dew considering the caffeine and sugar level of the drink would correspond with his bouncy energy. Something about Eccleston's sharp features seems to work with the drier taste of Coca-Cola. McGann, one of the lesser-known Doctors, gets relegated to the unexciting choice of Diet Coke.

I would have expected imp-like Tennant to go with Sprite, but he gets Pepsi instead. I'm at a loss to explain the pairing of Smith and Sprite, but perhaps they go together like a fine wine pairing. None of this really matters, though. If there's a problem, the Epic Comics staff can just hop back in time and change it.

Tardis soda machine choices
The Tardis soda selection. Epic Comics

(Via Oh Gizmo)