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Tank-quadcopter hybrid drone conquers land and sky

The B-Unstoppable quadcopter on Kickstarter flies like a regular drone, but also sports tank-like treads to take on ground obstacles.

B-Unstoppable drone
It's a tank. It's a quadcopter. It's a tankcopter. B-Unstoppable

The word "drone" in the gadget world conjures up images of many-rotored flying machines buzzing through the air. The B-Unstoppable drone on Kickstarter fits this look but adds an interesting extra element: tank treads.

The project declares it "the world's first tank quadcopter drone."

The neoprene treads are a clever design borrowed from big tanks. The thin treads stretch across the top and over the rotors, offering the delicate blades some protection as the plucky little device speeds about on the ground.

A demonstration video shows the drone tackling mud, small, raised obstacles and rough terrain. It actually scampers over them with gusto. If it meets an object too big to roll across, it just has to fly into the air on the strength of its four rotors.

The tankcopter weighs just shy of 3 ounces and carries a battery that last for up to nine minutes of flight or around 12 to 18 minutes of driving. Front and back lights let you spot it at night. It comes with a 2.4GHz radio transmitter for control.

So far, the B-Unstoppable has attracted over $30,000 of funding toward a $77,000 goal with 30 days left to run. With a $92 (£59, about AU$118) pledge price, the B-Unstoppable doesn't fall into the super-high-end drone category. It can handle a small, lightweight camera, but it's not a substitute for a $1,000 DJI Phantom drone .

The B-Unstoppable could be a fun toy if it delivers on its crowdfunding promises. You won't have to choose between land and air when it comes to playtime.