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Tame your hipster beard with a comb made from what?

When you're out at your next Bon Iver or Arcade Fire concert, you can totally fine-tune your hip, ratty beard with this sweet comb made from a retro hipster material.

Tame your wild beard in style with the Grably Comb, made out of vinyl records for the classic cool look. Upstairs Shop

If there's one major fashion trend for men these days, it's beards, with some of the most hipster-y dudes out there letting their facial hair grow almost out of control. Fortunately for such people (and the rest of us, really), a new product will help them keep their beards in check, and let them do it in distinctly hipster style.

The Grably beard comb from Estonia-based Upstairs Shop is made out of old vinyl records. The Grably No. 15 comb has thick teeth and more space between teeth to tame curly beards, and The Grably No. 20 has thinner teeth and less spacing for longer beards. Both options prominently feature the rings of the records used to create the combs, giving the Grably a slick, retro look and feel.

The Upstairs Shop sells the Grably combs for 9.99 euros (about $11.50) on its online store, and it'll ship the products anywhere in the world for the right price (shipment to the US costs 6 euros, about $7.50).

So if you can't quite pick the right gift for the bearded, hipster in your life, you might want to check out the Grably combs. Who knows, they may be so grateful that they take you to the next Vampire Weekend show.

(Via Designboom)