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Taking the Xbox 360 Elite out of the box

The unveiling of the Xbox 360 Elite.

If you're explaining an "Out of the Box" video to someone, it sounds kind of silly.

You take a brand-new, sealed product and proceed to unbox it and take out the contents for the very first time in front of a camera, with a running commentary. I'm a purist in this respect, not allowing anyone to sneak a peek inside or practice the unboxing before actually taping it.

So yesterday, when fellow NY editor John Falcone told me an Xbox 360 Elite made its way into the offices, I was all over it. After all, this is a product with lots of anticipation and rumors surrounding it, so it's a perfect candidate for an "Out of the Box" video. But the best part is when I asked him if there was a certain cable included, and he wanted to check...but it would involve cutting open the factory seal. You know what I said, and minutes later the lights were on in the First Look studio, and the Xbox 360 Elite's pieces were beginning to spill out onto the table. (Wow, that sounds kind of gross).

But back to where I started, and the reason why I don't think these videos are silly. When I'm in the "research and craving" phase of a gadget buy, I can't get enough information about it--reviews, pictures, videos, price checks, in-store peeks at the box if it's already available--and an "Out of the Box" lets me know exactly what I'm in for before the big buy.

Most importantly, it ensures I'll never make it home only to find out I need an HDMI cable or batteries that are not included (yes, I have pilfered batteries from the remote before in a pinch).

Without further ado, check out the Xbox 360 Elite "Out of the Box" video on CNET TV.