Taking a ride in the Aston Martin Rapide

CNET UK tests the four-door sedan, finding it fast, and big enough to transport three Russian supermodels and an Ikea gun rack.

Rory Reid

Imagine James Bond was married with 2.4 children and worked for CNET UK. What kind of car would he drive? He'd want something fast, something sexy. But he'd need something with four seats and a trunk to carry his spybrood as well as his implausibly vast collection of gadgets. Surely an Aston Martin is out of the question?

A year ago that may well have been true, but these days gadget-loving, baby-fathering 007s have more choice. We spent some time testing the Aston Martin Rapide, the company's first four-door sedan since the Lagonda. As you'll see in our video review above, it's big, it's fast, and it has enough room inside to transport not one, but three Russian supermodels, as well as a trunk big enough for an Ikea gun rack.

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