Take your eyelashes for a spin

Another product that unites beauty and gadgets, the SpinLash mascara brush rotates during application.

Holly Jackson

SpinLash rotating mascara brush
Akasha's SpinLash promises no-hassle, clump-free lashes. But don't poke your eye out. SpinLash

Technological advances in beauty products may one day render hands useless. But for now, women will at least have to hold a mascara brush to their eye, even if they don't have to do much after that.

First there was a battery-operated vibrating mascara that coats lashes and shakes at the same time. Now, with a makeup gadget named SpinLash, mascara has learned how to twirl.

Beauty retailer Akasha claims the product has a stabilizing trunk that controls brush movement, a pressure-sensitive brush that automatically stops when the user pushes too hard, and a control panel that reacts to the user's touch. It also rotates in two directions to coat top and bottom lashes.

Though it might make it easier to poke yourself in the eye (which I can do with an immobile mascara brush), the gadget appears less aggressive than the vibrating version. The makeup device sells on Spinlash.com (two for $15) and in many local department stores.

Then again, for individuals who aren't afraid of a little grunt work, it seems the promised result of "big sexy eyes" could just be achieved by rotating your existing mascara brush by hand.