Take a tour of the hottest tech at CES 2014

Walk through the 2014 CES floor, CNET-style, to get your hands on the most innovative, talked-about gadgets and technology this year's show has to offer.

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Finding truly exciting and innovative products in a show floor as large as 37 football fields isn't an easy task. At CES, each booths begs for your attention with tech that promises to be faster, smarter, or more innovative than the last.

It's only Day 1 of the big show, but we've already seen a slew of announcements, including a big push for 4K TVs, smart home integration, wearables, and innovations in car tech.

Not all of it is worth the schlep, though, so if you're one of the thousands braving CES, we've gone ahead and made navigating the show floor a little easier on you. This self-guided tour will walk you through the most innovative, important tech that was announced thus far, including some cool demos from guys like Belkin and Samsung.

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If you like, download a PDF version of the tour, which includes a map with all the stops. Happy touring!

1. Drones have invaded CES, and this time, Parrot is showing off two new app-controlled drones that can soar hundreds of feet high and record whatever they see. South Hall 3, 30432

2. Is 3D printing ready for the masses? Head to the 3D Printing TechZone, where MakerBot is demoing the Replicator Mini, a consumer printer that's easy to use and somewhat affordable. And take a look at the PrintShop app, which makes it easy to design and print items right from your phone or tablet. South Hall 3, 31624

3. Belkin is betting big on its smart home automation system, WeMo. With its connected LED light bulbs, a Maker Kit for DIYers, and even a connected slow cooker, WeMo is looking less like a niche offering and more like a legitimate, full-fledged home network. South Hall 3, 30451

4. Nestled among other home automation booths is Bosch, a company that sees its future in the "Internet of Things." Its forthcoming sensors could allow various devices to "talk" to each other and react -- without your help. South Hall 1, 20812

5. Wearables are big this year, and fitness is at the center of the trend. Veterans like Fitbit and Basis are here with updates to their smart wristbands, but take a look at newbies like the Netatmo June, a beautifully designed band with one very specific mission. South Hall 2, 26700

6. At Intel, all-in-ones and hybrids continue to take the stage as the traditional PC withers away. Here, check out Lenovo's Horizon 2, a high-resolution 27-inch tablet that hopes to be a living-room centerpiece. Central Hall, 7252

7. Chinese manufacturer Hisense is demoing the just-announced Roku TV, an HDTV that puts streaming services and apps front and center. And while you're here, don't miss Hisense's curvy TVs. Central Hall, 7243

8. This year, LG is in overdrive. Aside from a slew of LED LCDs, OLEDs, and 4K TVs running the WebOS platform, the company is also focusing on the smart home. LG HomeChat is a natural-language system that lets you control all appliances from one app. Central Hall, 8204

9. It's clear: Samsung wants to take over your home. The company wants to integrate its "Smart Home" everywhere, which will let consumers control their lights by talking to their TV. Also, don't miss a slew of LED LCDs, curved 4Ks, and a bendable TV. Central Hall, 12004

10. Head over to the North Hall, where carmakers have futuristic prototypes on display, like a solar-powered hybrid from Ford, and LTE-equipped cars from GM. Audi and Mercedes-Benz always have striking display models, and don't miss Toyota's production-ready fuel cell car. North Hall