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Take a rare peek behind the DC Comics cape

Want to know what DC Comics headquarters look like? So did we. Fortunately, we got permission to take photos from inside 1700 Broadway in New York. No Kryptonite threats required.

Seth Rosenblatt/CNET

The Batcave is located in Gotham and the Daily Planet in Metropolis, but when I was in New York City recently, I got a chance to see where Alfred E. Neuman, Bruce Wayne, Diana Prince, and other comics characters really come from.

Getting a camera inside DC Comics is no mean feat, since photos can potentially reveal sensitive storyline information, and in the comics business, there's often a direct connection between storyline and marketing plan. At times I felt like I was visiting NORAD.

The hallways and individual offices of the editors and staff were heavily decorated. Some people shut their doors when they saw I was being given a tour, but most didn't mind as long as I didn't photograph them.

The two major restrictions were that I was not allowed to take photos of people, since there could be story details and art tacked to the walls behind them, and I couldn't take photos of merchandise that used the likeness of another person for various copyright issues. So, you'll have to do an image search for what a Michael Keaton Batman pinball machine looks like.

However, there was a surprising amount I am able to show you, including wall murals, decorations, and artwork that's been flat-filed for more than 60 years. Click on the gallery above to see it.