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Check out the new Batmobile for the Superman/Batman movie

Director Zack Snyder sends fans into a minor tizzy on Twitter by offering a veiled look at the new Batmobile design.

Batmobile shrouded
Zack Snyder shared this mysterious shrouded image. Zack Snyder

We know who Batman is (Ben Affleck). We know who Superman is (Henry Cavill). But there are still plenty of surprises in store for the upcoming Batman/Superman film (title yet to be finalized), which is expected to start filming in Michigan very soon.

What fans really want to know is what the new Batsuit and Batmobile will look like. We're close to getting an answer on at least one of those.

Director Zack Snyder on Monday sent out a sneak peek of the Batmobile's rear end over Twitter. The rest of the car is covered, but we can make some guesses based on what's visible. Not surprisingly, this version will definitely be closer to the gritty Christian Bale Tumbler Batmobile than the kitschy Adam West version with the giant fins.

The large tires are exposed at the back. There's also a vaguely crescent-shaped opening located above the axle, which may very well end up spewing flames out the rear. A couple of hydraulic cylinders are also visible, which may support and move a wing.

Snyder hints we may get a better look at the vehicle as soon as tomorrow. Responses to the tweet have generally included a lot of exclamation points. There's a definite sense of excitement among fans.

I'm cautiously optimistic about the new Batmobile. I enjoyed the silliness of the original car and really liked the pumped-up look of the Tumbler. If Snyder also nails the sound effects (something that really rocked with the Tumbler), then the new cruiser could be quite a hit. We'll see when the final unveiling takes place.