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Take a hypnotic spin through 136 years of visual effects

It's a shame early visual-effects pioneers aren't alive today to see what they started, but you can. Take three minutes out for one dizzying ride through the evolution of VFX.

"La Voyage Dans la Lune" (1902) Video screenshot by Rusty Blazenhoff/CNET

In 1878, a stop-motion animation of a horse galloping was one of the first signs of the motion picture industry's humble but impressive beginnings. Now, with the magic of CGI and other cool tools, movie-makers can wow their audiences with some truly amazing stuff. Bullet time, anyone?

Yep, a lot has changed in 136 years in the advancement of visual effects in films, as evidenced in this dizzying compilation video by director Jim Casey. Set to the dramatic music from the video game Final Fantasy VIII, "The Evolution Of Visual Effects" chronologically spans the history of visual effects from 1878 to 2014.

Many iconic films are represented in this three-minute video, including early pieces like the sci-fi masterpiece "La Voyage Dans la Lune" (1902) and the futuristic epic "Metropolis" (1927), right up to more recent ones like "The Nightmare Before Christmas" (1993) and "The Matrix" (1999). See how many you can recognize by watching the video below. Bonus points for naming each one of the VFX.

(Via Twisted Sifter, Neatorama)