Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza Is Back. Here's How You Can Order One at Home

Dolly Parton and Doja Cat are among the performers contributing to Mexican Pizza: The Musical.

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Taco Bell Mexican Pizza

Taco Bell is bringing back its Mexican Pizza after more than a year off the menu.

Taco Bell

After an absence of more than a year, Taco Bell has brought back its Mexican Pizza. The fan-favorite item is in Taco Bell locations nationwide on May 19.

To promote its cross-cultural creation, the restaurant chain is offering a delivery discount through DoorDash. It's also premiering Mexican Pizza: The Musical on TikTok later this month. According to Taco Bell, the satirical number will feature Doja Cat, Dolly Parton and TikTok influencer Victor Kunda, among others. 

Last month, Cat first tweeted out the news that the dish was coming back.   

Dolly Parton and Doja Cat

Dolly Parton and Doja Cat are contributing to Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza: The Musical.

Michael Loccisano/Amy Sussman

How can I order the Mexican Pizza at Taco Bell?

Taco Bell says the Mexican Pizza is back on menus nationwide on May 19, though Taco Bell Rewards members were able to order it starting May 17, depending on local availability.

From May 19 to 26, DoorDash customers will have exclusive delivery access, with the pizza being made available on other platforms starting May 27. DoorDash members can get $2 off one Mexican Pizza with a $12 minimum purchase using promo code MEXPIZZA.

Why did Taco Bell drop the Mexican Pizza?

The company removed the item in November 2020 at the height of COVID lockdowns, as supply-chain issues made it difficult to source ingredients. 

 Its return was precipitated by a Change.org petition launched by Krish Jagirdar that generated more than 170,000 signatures. 

"Like many Indian-Americans who grew up vegetarian, we had limited access to the 'fun' fast food," Jagirdar said in a statement. "So Taco Bell became a bridge to belonging in American culture for many kids like me who grew up in immigrant households."

Jagidar added that "listening to their fans is clearly embedded in [Taco Bell's] DNA." 

In a release, Taco Bell said it's working to "streamline operations and ingredient sourcing" to address shortages and leave a lighter environmental footprint, as well. 

What's in Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza?

First rolled out in 1985, the Mexican Pizza is made up of two crispy flour shells, layered with beans, pizza sauce, seasoned beef, tomatoes and a melted three-cheese blend. 

A vegetarian option is also available without beef.

How can I watch Mexican Pizza: The Musical?

Mexican Pizza: The Musical playbill

The Mexican Pizza musical debuts May 26 on TikTok.

Taco Bell

According to a release, Mexican Pizza: The Musical will premiere on TikTok on May 26 at 8 p.m. ET. The satirical musical recounts the "harrowing" tale of how fans fought to bring back the Mexican Pizza, with lyrics from Hannah Friedman and music from Grammy-winning duo Abigail Barlow and Emily Bear (The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical).

Fans will be invited to participate in TikTok challenges to create virtual duets with Parton and Cat.