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Taco Bell melting hearts with a Cheetos quesadilla

Junk food junkies, rejoice. Even if your local Taco Bell isn't offering this wacky menu item, it can surely be made at home.

Junk food junkies, if the recent announcement of a Nutella burger at McDonald's in Italy had your mouth watering, rebook those international airline tickets. Now you're going to need to head to the Philippines, where Taco Bell is offering a Cheetos quesadilla for a limited time only.

Yep. It's exactly what you think it is, and maybe what you yourself crafted once long upon a late college night when you happened to have a bag of Cheetos handy. I admit to having tucked a few plain potato chips in a ham sandwich once in a while, but mixing the cheesy melt of a quesadilla with the orange cheesy powder and crunch of Cheetos is new to me.

Just look at this Facebook post from TB Philippines. They know diners in other countries are jealous, and they aren't afraid to crow about it.

If you're thinking you've seen something similar at American Taco Bells, you kind of have. But US outlets are using Doritos, not Cheetos, and they're using them as taco shells. And Napoleon Dynamite and his pal Pedro reunited for some Burger King cheesy tater tots this week, so cheese is in.

If you don't have a trip to the Philippines planned, we can give you complicated instructions for making a Cheetos quesadilla on your own. Step one: Melt some cheese in a tortilla. Step two: Add Cheetos. Step three: No regrets!