T-Pain gets Facebook tattoo

The rapper T-Pain, he who advertises Toshiba laptops, goes to Hawaii and decides to get a tattoo featuring the Facebook "like" button.

When you go to Hawaii, do you slip into a tattoo parlor in order to engrave a permanent memento of your visit onto your, say, thigh?

I ask because T-Pain, the rapper who eats a little messily in a Toshiba laptop ad, seems to have become carried away on a recent trip to Hawaii.

It is not known why he chose to honor Facebook with a tattooed presence on his forearm. Perhaps someone in a hula skirt offered him a little Facebook love.

Helpfully, though, he tweeted a picture of his new armwork, so that his followers could, well, like it. For the tatt reads "You don't have to 'like' me." The "like" is a beautifully and faithfully rendered Facebook "like" button.

Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

T-Pain himself did note that this tatt runs a similar risk to that of engraving the name of that Sandra whom you lived with for three weeks in Bali. You know, the one who ran off with the dreadlocked investment banker.

T-Pain explained in a tweet: "I get a tatt every time I come to Hawaii. I think this ones pretty sweet, unless facebook shuts down soon 0_o."

We all know that, thanks to mankind's indolence and Goldman Sachs' benevolence, there is little chance of Facebook shutting down before the next nuclear war.

However, I am concerned that, should Facebook's kindly lawyers espy T-Pain's artwork, they might demand a licensing fee. They might also demand that he change the wording to something more positive for the brand, such as "You have to 'like' me."

So, before you decide to emulate T-Pain's artistry, please consider what might happen if you accidentally paraded your new Facebook "like" button tatt at, say, Davos. It might be very, very costly, not only to your image, but to your hopes of a retirement in the tropics.