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T-Mobile's Samsung Galaxy Tab (hands-on)

T-Mobile's version of Samsung's Galaxy Tab Android tablet gets the hands-on treatment, and compared against the Sprint version previously reviewed on CNET.

Photo of the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Tab.
The T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Tab has landed. Click through to find out how it compares against the Tab we reviewed from Sprint.
Donald Bell/CNET

We know you've already poured over our review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab on Sprint. But if T-Mobile is your carrier of choice, you're probably wondering what differences you can expect from its version of the Tab.

In terms of hardware pricing, the two are neck and neck, priced at $399 with a two-year contract, and $599 off-contract. It's the little things, such as home screen layout, preinstalled apps, memory configuration, SIM card slot, and the color of the backing, that really stand out at first glance.

To see what you can expect from T-Mobile's Tab, click through to our hands-on CNET photo gallery.