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T-Mobile feels the (Miami) Heat: Limited Edition D-Wade Sidekick 3

Images of a limited edition Dwyane Wade T-Mobile Sidekick 3 leaked onto the Web.

Special Edition D-Wade Sidekick 3
Limited Edition D-Wade Sidekick 3
Limited Edition D-Wade Sidekick 3
Rap-up.com via Engadget Mobile

"Hey Flash. I'm in Miami. What r u up 2?" "Oh, hey Paris. Just chillin' with my new Sidekick." It's no secret that the T-Mobile Sidekick 3 is a hit with Hollywood's young celebs and athletes alike. Of the latter group, it seems that Miami Heat's Dwyane Wade is such a fan that he has teamed up with T-Mobile and Danger Inc. to create a Limited Edition D-Wade Sidekick 3. It's been reported that the all-star guard personally had a hand in designing the special Sidekick, taking style hints from the interior of luxury cars and Mee-ah-mi's South Beach. The white-and-gold device is adorned with a series of 3s on the front--for Wade's jersey number, the number of years he's been in the NBA, and his "mind-bending three-point plays." The back also has a basketball-like texture and feel, but it's the same 'ol Sidekick on the inside. We're trying to confirm pricing and availability date for you, but if the D-Wade Sidekick doesn't tickle your fancy, you've always got the Diane von Furstenberg and LRG limited edition Sidekick 3s.