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T-Mobile changing the contract game

T-Mobile will announce a new way to pay for smartphones, Google Reader is a popular tool in countries with Internet censorship, and BlackBerry creates awkward music videos.

CNET Update will pay you Tuesday for a smartphone today:

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Google Reader is shutting down in July, and its demise can impact citizens who have Internet access restricted by their government. The petition to keep Google Reader has about 12 percent of its signatures from people living in countries that have Internet censorship. People in Kazakhstan and China have left comments urging Google to keep the Reader tool because it's the best way to access banned websites and uncensored news.

Also featured in Tuesday's news roundup:

- Next week, T-Mobile is expected to announce a new way to pay for smartphones -- and that includes ditching the discount that comes with a two-year contract.

- Google may lump all its communication tools into one big platform called Google Babble, according to a report from

- A Samsung executive tells a Bloomberg reporter that it is working on a smartwatch. Let the watch wars begin!

- The BlackBerry Z10 on AT&T hits U.S. stores on Thursday. BlackBerry executives are so excited, they made a music video.

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