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T-Mobile CEO tweets love for Galaxy Note 3 (from iPhone)

John Legere manages to wriggle out of a small faux pas, by attempting to prove he carries both gadgets with him. His iPhone is his tweeter phone.

The uncarrier got carried away.
Sarah Tew/CNET

When you feel love, you just want to express it.

You want everyone to know how wonderful it is. You want to declare it from the hills, in the bars, and especially on Twitter.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere is clearly giddy about his Samsung Galaxy Note 3. So Monday he emitted a tweet that read: "Glad @SamsungMobile decided to bring phablets to the states. I don't know what I'd do without my #Note3!"

It's clear what he wouldn't do with it, which is tweet. For, as those who are ready to trip up every famous person for the slightest faux pas noticed, this expression of adoration was sent from Twitter for iPhone.

Apple Insider reports that Legere was made to realize his conflicted love and tweeted: "Oops. I carry both as you may know! That was funny." He then posted a picture to prove it.

Legere seems like a fascinating man.

He dresses like a retired rock star and is happy to curse in public. He admitted on Twitter that one of his five must-check apps in the morning is TMZ.

So, unlike in the case of so many celebrities who have gone before him, how can we not forgive that he spontaneously expressed his love for the excellent Samsung Galaxy Note 3 from an Apple gadget?

It's not as if, like Alicia Keyes, he was spotted tweeting from an iPhone when he'd just been paid a lot of money to be the spokeswoman for BlackBerry -- and then claimed a hack.

It's not as if he was like Oprah, who named Microsoft's Surface one her favorite things and then proclaimed her joy on Twitter for iPad.

In any case, Legere sells both products and may, indeed, use each for entirely different purposes.

On Tuesday morning, he decided to make a further Twitter joke out of all this. He tweeted: "OMG look at this video at 7:00 point! He uses both!!! OMG!! Tell the media! ?? ..."

And, indeed, the Bloomberg video does reveal Legere speaks the truth.

Which, let's be grateful, is rare for a CEO.

My only concern is that he seems to have succumbed to the gold iPhone 5S. Well, I suppose all TMZ readers have.

The image Legere posted to prove he has two loves. John Legere Twitter