T-Mobile adds more anytime minutes, unlimited calling

T-Mobile introduced changes to certain individual and family calling plans.

T-Mobile made a few pricing changes to its plans this week that further cement the carrier as one of the most affordable around. We've highlighted the changes below.

  • The two most expensive Family myFaves plans now have an additional 500 anytime and a break of $10 per month on the monthly price. That means that the $109 plan (formerly $119) offers 2,500 anytime minutes, and the $139 plan (formerly $149) gets you 3,500 anytime minutes.
  • T-Mobile added a new $89 per month Family myFaves option. It includes 1,800 anytime minutes and unlimited nights and weekends.
  • The $99 and $129 FamilyTime plans also get an extra 500 minutes. The former now offers 2,500 anytime minutes, and the $129 option comes with 3,500 anytime minutes.
  • All individual plans at $49 or higher now include free calling to other T-Mobile subscribers.
(Thanks TmoNews)