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Synology intros first scalable two-bay NAS server

Synology announces first two-bay NAS server that can be scaled up to seven bays.

The new DiskStation DS710+ NAS server from Synology. Synology

So, you just cannot make up your mind about what kind of RAID configuration you need and how many hard drives your NAS server should have. Synology, the vendor of multiple CNET Editors' Choice-winning NAS servers, has a solution for you.

The company announced Friday its first scalable NAS server, the DiskStation DS710+. The new NAS server starts out with only two bays for two SATA hard drives, but later on can be scaled up to have seven bays. The NAS server is designed to support multiple traditional RAID configurations.

Synology claims that the DS710+ will also come with Synology Hybrid RAID, a technology that automatically builds an optimal RAID volume with data protection based on the hard drives installed, eliminating the need to have hard drives of identical size, while still offering a manual setup option for advanced users.

In order to use the two hard drives with the new NAS, you need to purchase the DX510 expansion enclosure, which allows for another five hard drives to be added, making the total storage capacity of the DS710+ up to 14TB. The DX510 is designed to connect to the DS710+ via an eSATA cable to proprietary connectors on both ends to ensure maximum throughput.

Like other NAS servers from Synolgoy, such as the DS209+, the DS710+ comes with the Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM) 2.2 firmware, which boasts a vast amount of robust features and applications for business use. Examples of these features are built-in file sharing, automatic backup, remote access, Web hosting, e-mail hosting, media streaming, and support for an IP camera to work as a surveillance station.

The Synology DS710+ is also one of the first NAS servers from Synology equipped with the new Intel Atom D410 CPU. It has 1GB of RAM and comes with a Gigabit LAN port and three USB ports.

The new DS710+ NAS server will ship this month and the expansion enclosure DX510 will be available in March. They are slated to cost around $550 and $500, respectively.

The DX510 expansion enclosure for the DS710+ NAS server. Synology