Synology announces affordable four-bay NAS server

Synology announces the DS410 DiskStation, a high-end four-bay NAS device with up to 8TB of storage that costs only $499.

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NAS servers from Synology generally share two things in common: great performance and hefty price tags. The DS710+, for example, is one of the fastest dual-bay NAS devices on the market and costs around $550 without any storage included.

On Thursday, the company surprised us when it announced the DS410 DiskStation, a four-bay NAS server that costs just around $500.

The new DiskStation DS410 NAS server from Synology. Synology

Like all the latest servers from Synology, the DS410 is based on version 2.3 of the state-of-the-art DiskStation Manager firmware. It will share a similar vast set of features as the DS710+ and the DS209+, with a few differences.

The first difference, of course, is the fact that the new server can handle up to four SATA hard drives, upping the total of storage to 8TB. This also means the server now will be able to offer more RAID configurations, including RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, and Synology Hybrid RAID (SHR). SHR allows for a RAID 5-like setup using hard drives of different capacities. According to Synology, the new NAS server also supports up to 12 IP cameras for its Surveillance Station feature.

Surveillance Station, judging from other Synology NAS servers, is a great feature: once set up, you can record based on motion detection and manage/view the recordings over the Internet. Starting with version 2.3 firmware, you can even do this via an iPhone app.

Synology claims that, though affordable, the DS410 still offers great performance with throughput speeds up to 110MBps for reading and 54.9MBps for writing in a RAID 5 setup, via a Gigabit connection. To find out if the server actually lives up to this claim, check back soon for an in-depth review.

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