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Switchhooks could save countless keys

A new spin on the light switch cover could help save you from your habit of misplacing just about everything.

Switchhooks: a new concept for storing those rascally essential items. Switchhooks

If you're anything like me, you misplace just about everything. The biggest culprits are the usuals--car keys, wallet, jacket, and so forth. I've wasted countless minutes running around looking for something I need before heading out of the house. People close to me have tried to establish a system to help break my forgetful folly, to no avail.

Switchhooks, another one of those "why didn't I think of that?" inventions, could help me break the cycle. It's a light switch plate and storage area created by Andy Lee, a design engineer who has worked with Ideo, Xerox PARC, and NASA.

The idea was sparked when Lee's sister misplaced her car keys. While recalling the story to her brother, she mentioned turning on the lights. That's when the light bulb turned on in Lee's head.

So he set off to create a light switch plate with a dual purpose, employing multiple hooks, magnets, or shelf attachments at the bottom to hold house keys, a purse, cape, or blaster rifle up to 5 pounds.

Now, Switchhooks has sprouted up on Kickstarter and is beginning to blossom, but is a long way off from its $20,000 goal to cover the start-up and initial stages of a larger manufacturing process. Too bad Billy Mays isn't around anymore, because he would be all over this.

Other light switch accessories have surfaced in the past, such as the Power Shelf and Socket Pocket. Those are nice, but one thing Switchhooks has going for it is style and wider compatibility--there are a total of 26 combinations of Switchhook sizes and colors.

Aside from several shades of white, the real deal is the Craveworthy bamboo limited-edition variant you can acquire through Kickstarter for $25. The plastic versions are less expensive.