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Switch any Chrome tab to incognito mode with one click

Private browsing is easier than ever, but it's still not perfect. Incognito This is a Chrome extension that makes it much simpler to switch any tab to incognito mode.

There are all sorts of reasons for private browsing, and the tools to enable it are getting more and more sophisticated. Unfortunately, it can still be hard to remember to switch modes, but a Chrome extension called Incognito This makes it much simpler. Here's how it works: 

  • Install Incognito This here. 
  • Whenever you're using a tab you'd rather use privately, just click the gray private eye icon in the top right. Your current tab will close and reopen in a new incognito window. 
  • Right-click the Incognito This icon to change options. There are some neat tools, like clearing page or tab history when switching, auto-closing of incognito tabs after inactivity, and auto-switching tabs with certain keywords. 
    Options for Incognito This!
    Options for Incognito This. Rob Lightner/CNET

If you're interested in more incognito mode options, check outthis great piece by Nicole Cozma on "How to make Chrome go Incognito for specific sites."