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Sweet dreams of sweeter breakfast foods

Pillows shaped like toast, eggs, pancakes, and coffee beans!

We could all use these pillows. Think about it: you're dreaming of something fantastic, maybe Steve Jobs showing up at your front door to give you an iPhone with a year's worth of service as well as all the Apple product development secrets you could possibly want to hear.

But then your alarm clock goes off, and there you are in a sloppy bedroom in a cramped apartment, with nary an iPhone in sight--just that scratched three-year-old Razr that still smells like beer from the aftermath of last St. Patrick's Day and has a contacts list full of potential paramours who never called you back.

Snooze. Button. Hit.

But what if your pillows were shaped like tasty breakfast treats? Then, perhaps you'd groggily open your eyes, see that your head was resting on a cozy simulacrum of a stack of yummy pancakes (or eggs, or French toast, or coffee beans) and leap vivaciously from bed to dash to the kitchen and whip up some edible goodies before starting your day, and maybe accidentally trip over a brand-new, still-in-the-box iPhone on your way out the door.

That, of course, assumes you know how to cook. But we'll suspend disbelief here. And it might not be quite as inventive as the bacon clock, but we'll take it. Anything to make the wake-up process more pleasant.

(Via ThisNext)