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Swarovski laptop is no diamond, just rough

300-stone computer draws sneers

Remember when practically every computer maker's product line sported such stunning colors as putty or battleship gray? What morons. Until Apple came along with the iMac, you'd think that they all lived in the monochromatic half of Pleasantville.

Swarovski laptop

All that has changed, of course, but one name had been noticeably absent from the peacocking of the PC landscape: Swarovski. That's right, as in the crystals. In case you hadn't noticed, Swarovski has been making its way into all manner of hardware, ranging from Paris Hilton's cell phone to wireless mice and refrigerators.

Apparently Swarovski has been saving itself for this Medion laptop, which has been embossed with 300 of its namesake stones. But we were shocked to find that Reg Hardware, which spotted the bejeweled notebook first, was unimpressed: "The ostentatious SIM 2060 laptop is aimed specifically at women--footballers' wives, we'd suggest. The machine's plastic casing is of a 'subtle' hue called 'pink chrome' with grey-green hints that looks as bad as it sounds."

What have they got against footballers' wives?

(Photo: Medion Electronics)