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Swarovski-encrusted iPhone screams 'I have bad taste!'

From the people who brought you the iced out Nintendo DS Lite.

There's obnoxiousness, and then there's this. We've known for ages that the best way to show off your innate tech-tackiness is to drown your gadgets in Swarovski crystals. But we thought that Apple's new iPhone--with its Zen-like simplicity (No keyboard! Who would've guessed?) and the company's affinity for stripped down design in everything from its laptops to its marketing campaigns--might be immune somehow from this epidemic.

But, apparently not, thanks to a Web site called Crystal Icing, which in the past has showcased its ability to pimp out everything from Sidekicks to sneakers to Sharpie markers, and counts such icons of classiness as Paris Hilton and Kimberly Stewart among its clientele. Now, Crystal Icing's skilled artisans will glue obnoxious-looking baby rocks onto your iPhone for just $295. Considering you would have already shelled out either $500 or $600 for the device, the "ice job" will catapult its value into the stratosphere. You might as well get a laptop.

We'll pass on the bling, thanks. Besides, standing around in public swishing a finger over that handset's pretty touch screen is "look-at-me" enough as is. Everybody knows it's an iPhone, buddy. No need to up the glitz factor.

(Via Born Rich)