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Suspect's Facebook post: 'Y'all will never catch me' (they do)

Roger Ireland is featured in a police #Wanted Wednesday post. He couldn't resist replying.

Roger Ireland, wanted and caught. Anne Arundel Police/Facebook.

I feel like I work for PBS.

Every week, I utter the same appeal, hoping for greater success.

In my case, however, it doesn't work. Those who may or may not have done something wrong persist in drifting to Facebook either to boast, or worse, taunt the police.

The latest incident involves Roger Ireland, a 28-year-old man from Maryland.

The police in Anne Arundel County thought he'd make a very good addition to its #WantedWednesday Facebook feature.

He was wanted on charges of violating his probation.

When Ireland saw that the police department was featuring his image, he couldn't resist commenting. Calling the police "cowards," he added: "Y'all will never catch me."

You know how this ends, don't you?

#WantedWednesday became #TakenThursday. As the Baltimore Sun reports, Ireland was arrested by police the very next day. They say they received tips as to his whereabouts.

I await the next instance of an alleged criminal being tempted to taunt on Facebook. Shall we give it, oh, a week?