Sushi Bazooka blasts out sushi rolls with plunger power

Lazy sushi chefs, rejoice, for the Sushi Bazooka is here to squish your rice and fish into recognizable rolls.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
Sushi Bazooka
Yum, doesn't that look appetizing? Strapya World

My culinary life won't be complete until I have the raw, awesome power of a Sushi Bazooka in my kitchen arsenal. Want. Desperately.

I've made sushi before. It was an inglorious exercise in frustration and failure. That's probably why I prefer sashimi. It's also why I have such respect for talented sushi makers.

Finally, there's a kitchen gadget that panders to my lazy sushi-making skills. It's essentially a sushi extruder. Pack the tube full of rice and whatever ingredients you want to go in the middle. Close it. Push down the plunger. Roll up the resulting sushi log in seaweed. Instant apathetic sushi!

Not surprisingly, this isn't a Japanese product at all. It actually hails from New Zealand, but it's available through Strapya World in Japan for $25.40.

The Sushi Bazooka advertisement really seals the deal. Three maniacal-looking sushi chefs wield their perfect rolls under the phrase, "Make perfect Sushi rolls! Quick! Easy! Hilarious!" Yes, I want my sushi to be hilarious. Hilariously delicious.

Sushi Bazooka ad
These guys are clearly excited about their Sushi Bazookas. Strapya World

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