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Survive the zombie apocalypse the DIY way with book for makers

When the zombie plague takes over the world, will you be ready? A new book called "The Maker's Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse" will show you how to survive.

Could this book save you from a horde of the Undead? No Starch Press

As zombie movies and TV shows have shown us, it takes a lot of skill and determination to survive the zombie apocalypse. A new book from maker Simon Monk will teach you how to create your own power source and defend your home base with the use of simple circuits, an Arduino microcontroller and the low-cost Raspberry Pi mini-computer.

Monk's book -- "The Maker's Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse" -- promises to teach you how to do things like build trip wires and sensors to monitor zombie movement, set up surveillance systems and low-power lighting, and contact other survivors with Morse code flashers and haptic communication devices.

And it will teach you how to generate your own electricity with pedal and solar power so you can keep your base up and running for the duration of the outbreak.

The book is available for preorder from the No Starch Press site, with an estimated release date sometime in October. Two versions are available -- a $25 (about £15, AU $35) print version that also comes with early access to the ebook, and a $20 (about £15, AU $30) early-access ebook-only version. Early access gets you seven of the 10 chapters that have already been released, plus access to the remaining 3 chapters, along with appendices, once the book is finished.

Of course, the guide won't show you how to build your own weapons; you'll need to scavenge for those or stock up like the rest of humanity. But it will teach you to distract zombies with noise makers and flashes so you can quickly escape a threatening walker as you try to live to fight another day.