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Survive assassination attempts in style

Fashion designer Miguel Caballero's clothing can withstand Uzi gunfire without compromising style.

Caballero's Uzi-proof clothing
Bulletproof and fashion-forward coats are among the products by designer Miguel Caballero. Miguel Caballero

Bulletproof vests are so 1990s. Sure the vests save lives, but sometimes police, diplomats, and general targets of gunfire and knife fights need something a little more fashion forward. That's why Miguel Caballero's bullet-resistant clothing line exists at the crossroads of style and security.

The Colombia-based designer boasts actor Steven Seagal and the president of Colombia as wearers of his designs, which started selling in London's upscale Harrods department store this month. His products include polo shirts, blazers, raincoats, and suede jackets for women and men. Unlike bulky vests, Caballero says the attire is light, flexible, and comfortable. Some of the garments also come with stab-resistant lining.

But, as should be expected with any designer dress, the shirts and coats come at a high price. Some items start at about $2,000, though Time magazine said the clothing can cost as much as $9,800. Customers can choose from three levels of protection, and the highest level is claimed to resist shots from 9mm handguns up to mini Uzis.

Though the clothing is not yet available in the U.S., celebrities can probably get a hold of some of Caballero's life-saving garments. And if they have any doubts about the products' integrity, Caballero may offer to shoot or stab them just to prove his point.