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Survey: Consumer tilt toward tech buys

Consumers' attitudes toward technology are changing, and their buying decisions will reflect it, Harris Interactive says.

Acceptance of new technology among consumers is on the rise, a new survey shows.

About 28 percent of consumers said they are more inclined to accept new technology, while 4 percent are more skeptical of new technology compared to a year ago, according to a study conducted by Harris Interactive.

The majority, 68 percent, said their attitude toward technology has remained unchanged over the past year. A total of 1,174 adult consumers were polled online for the survey, conducted in September.

Nearly 39 percent of consumers polled said they are likely to buy home technology products over the next six months. The top five product categories in the home segment include computers, printers, home theaters, television content providers and game consoles.

Mobile products most likely to be purchased include cell phones, cameras, laptops, personal music devices and video cameras.

Ease of use and warranties were key factors in influencing purchase decisions. Only a few consumers said comparisons to what they have now and the brand of the new product would affect their decisions.

"The entire industry is delivering high-quality products, which are allowing consumers to have more confidence and be more accepting of products earlier on in their life cycle," Harris analyst Joe Porus said in a statement.

"If consumers begin to look at all technology products this way, they may look beyond the product features and go right to the price, creating an even more price-sensitive market."