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Survey: 96 percent of enterprises not deploying Ubuntu server

Red Hat is the big enterprise Linux winner, with Ubuntu not claiming the dollars that it's popularity should command.

Goldman Sachs September 2008 IT spending survey delivers a sobering blow to suggestions of the rise of Ubuntu:

The enterprise isn't seeing it yet.

I've seen indications of Ubuntu adoption within customer surveys that Alfresco and others have done, but this survey of 100 IT executives from a range of Fortune 1000 companies suggests that perhaps the Ubuntu revolution still has a ways to go to make it in the stodgy old enterprise.

Granted, with CIOs representing 48 percent of survey respondents, and vice presidents of IT representing another 33 percent, we're unlikely to get a very good view of grassroots IT adoption. Even so, I would have hoped to see more than 4 percent of respondents indicating that Ubuntu is being used within their enterprises, especially given its ever-increasing adoption:

Enterprise Linux Adoption: Red Hat, SUSE, Ubuntu Goldman Sachs

On the glass half-full side, the fact that four percent of this crowd has even heard of Ubuntu...well, that shows progress. :-)