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Surface 2 Diaries: day three

The Surface 2 is proving itself to be fairly adept in a lot of regular work scenarios.

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Today, Word has been the word.

It's been a heavy writing day and, quite frankly, being able to use Word rather than Google Docs (as with the Chromebook experiment) has felt like a blessing from heaven.

In fact, again, it was fairly smooth sailing all day, although there are one or two things worth mentioning.

Firstly, I managed to make the poor old Surface 2 get a bit sluggish, thanks to my habit of working with as many browser windows open as humanly possible. I realise that any fool knows you can't do that on a tablet, but the overall experience has been so smooth, it's hard not to revert to a desktop working style.

Secondly, I've found a weird little quirk wherein if I click on a link in Outlook on the desktop, it opens it in the tablet version of Explorer, instead of the Explorer where I already have twenty or so windows open.

(Also, and this is nothing to do with the Surface and everything to do with how my brain works, but because the Outlook icon in the taskbar is a "O" I actually keep thinking it's telling me I have "0" — zero — messages.)

Finally, after saying yesterday that I was using the tablet app versions of Twitter and Facebook, I've rapidly come to the conclusion that they are some of the least user-friendly apps I've ever encountered. It's kind of killed my social media use (which may not be bad thing).

Of course, I've been very much office bound, so to really put the Surface 2 through some paces I'm going to spend a solid chunk of time tomorrow out and about to see what the mobile experience is really like. Wish me luck.