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Superman, Spider-Man, and friends photobomb history

Batman and Fidel Castro? Indonesian photographer Agan Harahap gets familiar with the stories behind iconic historic photos, then adds superheroes (and the occasional villain) for a new twist.

The so-called Big Three (is it the Big Four?) at the Yalta Conference. Most, though not all, of the pictures in Harahap's series show scenes from World War II.
Aran Harahap/Flickr

Yalta Conference, 1945: Winston Churchill, check. Franklin D. Roosevelt, check. Josef Stalin, check. Darth Vader... wait, what? Yep, that's the Dark Lord himself hovering behind the "Big Three" at the historic summit to discuss post-war Europe.

He's there courtesy of Agan Harahap, a professional photographer and avowed history buff who photoshops superheroes (and a few villains) into famous historical photos -- to strange and sometimes ironic effect.

Harahap, who lives in Jakarta, Indonesia, told Crave that his Super Hero series arose from his concern that too many people get their view of history from games like Call of Duty these days.

"We don't care anymore about what really happened in past days. We actually learn history from the game, movie etc.," he said. "And after that, what is the meaning [of] hero nowadays?"

Harahap, who works for an Indonesia-based music magazine, set out to explore that question in his 20-photo series, which he hopes to expand with more images of history reimagined.

He learns the story of a photo, then adds his own twist. "For example, I think... Batman is the perfect character to give instructions to paratroopers in Greenham Airfield, and stuff like that."

Click through the gallery below to see Batman doing just that, as well as Spider-Man poised for action on the battle-worn streets of Normandy, France; Superman helping recover Nazi-looted artwork; the Joker being his usual creepy supervillain self during the Battle of Moscow; and more.

(Via Juxtapoz Magazine)