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Superman + drone + GoPro = awesome POV footage

Finally! Get the answer to the burning question: What would Superman's adventures look like if he wore a head-mounted video camera?

Superman with a GoPro
Superman checks himself out in a mirror. Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

While we're all waiting around for Superman to hook up with Batman in 2016, we'll have to get our Man of Steel fix elsewhere. So let's saunter over to YouTube and join a couple million other people in watching a low-budget Superman POV adventure cleverly filmed with a drone and a GoPro.

The video features a guy in a classic spandex Superman outfit, complete with tightie reddies, flying through a city to return a lost GoPro camera to its owner. Naturally, it's not that simple. There are bad guys with guns, a cop who is also a fan, a building on fire, and a thrilling mid-air rescue of a damsel in distress.

The footage comes from Internet video creators Corridor Digital. The makers call it one of the most challenging projects they've attempted.

A behind-the-scenes video lets viewers in on the secrets behind the Superman production. The flight scenes were captured using a $679 Dji Phantom 2 quadrocopter. The GoPro sits under it on a stabilizing mount to keep the footage smooth. The result is some pretty exhilarating video, especially if you open it up to full-screen and pretend you're flying along for the ride.