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Superheroes take on villains in epic soccer match

See Iron Man, Magneto, Gandalf, Superman, Spider-Man, Space Ghost, Mario, Hermione Granger, a Jedi Master and more geeky pop culture icons go for the goal.

Even Iron Man can't always bend it like Beckham. Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

Give a bunch of superheroes a soccer ball and you'd think the world was coming to an end if they don't score some points.

We see some excellent kicking and passing skills displayed by our favorite comic book and movie characters in "Super Hero Soccer" by Ronnie Street Stunts.

With Iron Man and a Jedi Master as goalies, it's hard to predict which pop culture icons will manage to score a goal. Then again, Superman has a very powerful kick.

But with characters like Magneto on the field, don't expect everyone to play fair. Even Gandalf has a clever trick or two up his giant sleeves.

The stunt actors for the viral video include Ronnie Shalvis, Chris Romrell, Braxton McAllister, Michaela Chernoch and Benjamin Phillips, as well as actors Nate Bonham and Vinelord. The vid was produced by Four32 Productions with VFX by Dark Pixel.

Here's hoping they make a sequel with more pop culture characters. We'd love to see Darth Vader play some footie with Batman or a Time Lord.