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See superhero actors mashed into cool composite images

What happens when you layer every Clark Kent together? How about Peter Parker or Bruce Banner? This new infographic from PicClick shows you.

While Batman, Spiderman, Captain America and other do-gooders have a raft of superpowers among them, there's one they don't possess -- the ability to see what all of the actors to play them in the movies would look like if their images were laid on top of each other.

Bringing that power to the table is PicClick, a visual search tool for ebay. It took the aliases of six superheroes and overlaid headshots of all the actors to play them over time. The result is a cool collection of composites that show you what the ultimate Clark Kent, Peter Parker, Bruce Banner and others would look like. Strangely enough, the composite of Bruce Wayne looks kind of like Ben Affleck, who will be playing him in the upcoming movie.

In addition to the layered faces, PicClick's infographic (see site) displays GIFs of four superheroes and how they've morphed over time -- which is actually my favorite part. It's really pretty hypnotizing (and kind of disturbing) to watch Lou Ferrigno's Hulk turn into the more recent CGI version of the big green smashing machine, don't you think?