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Enjoy this trippy supercut of Rod Serling saying 'The Twilight Zone'

A video compilation of "Twilight Zone" host Rod Serling saying the show's name over and over again may transport your mind into another dimension.

Rod Serling
Rod Serling delivers a famous phrase. Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

There's more than one way to enter the Twilight Zone. You can go there in under 2 minutes with a supercut video showing every time host Rod Serling says "The Twilight Zone" on camera. It's mesmerizing.

The supercut was compiled by YouTube user MC McLispy, who chose to not include the outros that have Serling saying the words while off-camera. The clips are placed in order of appearance on the TV series, which ran from 1959 to 1964 in its original incarnation.

The video kicks off with a clip from the episode "A World of His Own" from 1960. The episode aired at the end of the show's first season and marks the first time Serling says the show's name while appearing on camera.

There's a mesmerizing consistency to the way Serling says "The Twilight Zone," with a slight up and down shake of the head and a near-smirk. His eyebrows often lift upward, his forehead wrinkling as he delivers the line.

Perhaps the best part of this supercut is freezing the video and inspecting all the strange things in the background. There's Serling with some sort of weird plugged-in appliance on his lap. There he is with cultists in the background. There's a shot where he's getting snowed on and another with a snake plant behind him.

The video may be a compilation of a phrase, but it's also a fun glimpse into the strange and wonderful world of "The Twilight Zone."

(Via A.V. Club)